Friday, 27 July 2012

More than Words

Hello minna,

it's been a long time since I posted.

Right now, I want to post about Sakamoto Maaya's new single, More than Words. The single consist three tracks, here is the track list:
  1. More than Words (モアザンワーズ)
  2. Dekoboko March (Tairetsu wa Kimi ni Tsuzuku) (デコボコマーチ(隊列は君に続く))
  3. secret track
My impression:

More than Words
The song is theme song of the upcoming Code GEASS OVA, Akito the Exiled. Seriously, I love this song so much. This song reminds me of Hemisphere (This song is a-must-listen-this-damn-great-song too). The song is beautiful & sad. Arrangement of this song is a little weird, but that's the one that make me love this song so much. I can feel the sadness which is fit with Code GEASS's theme. I give score 9 of 10 to this song.

Dekoboko March (Tairetsu wa Kimi ni Tsuzuku)
Ah, I feel like I was watching a parade. This song, which is the opposite with More than Words, is filled with happiness. It really give balance with More than Words.

Overall, I really recommend this single to you, especially for Kanno Yoko's single

I will add the download later (My internet connection is not very good right now). But if you really want to listen it, you can download it in one of a-God-like website.

Enough for now. I must get to work again. Jyaa nee... :D

Friday, 27 January 2012

Black Butterfly


Finally, I posted something in here... =w=

It's been a long time since i posted my last post...

Btw, i'm in holiday right now. Although I said i'm in holiday, but that doesn't mean I can enjoy my holiday. No!

It's too boring because I can't go anywhere... TT___TT"

Ah... stop with "curcol" things...

About 2-3 days ago, I saw something that I never saw before in my mom's garden...

It's.... Black Butterfly!

Maybe it's not really uncommon (maybe), but still, I never saw it before, and it's really made me happy to see this one. It reminded me about Yuuko from xxxHolic.

Ah, that's all...

Sorry for not-so-important, but I can write anything at my own blog right?