Friday, 27 July 2012

More than Words

Hello minna,

it's been a long time since I posted.

Right now, I want to post about Sakamoto Maaya's new single, More than Words. The single consist three tracks, here is the track list:
  1. More than Words (モアザンワーズ)
  2. Dekoboko March (Tairetsu wa Kimi ni Tsuzuku) (デコボコマーチ(隊列は君に続く))
  3. secret track
My impression:

More than Words
The song is theme song of the upcoming Code GEASS OVA, Akito the Exiled. Seriously, I love this song so much. This song reminds me of Hemisphere (This song is a-must-listen-this-damn-great-song too). The song is beautiful & sad. Arrangement of this song is a little weird, but that's the one that make me love this song so much. I can feel the sadness which is fit with Code GEASS's theme. I give score 9 of 10 to this song.

Dekoboko March (Tairetsu wa Kimi ni Tsuzuku)
Ah, I feel like I was watching a parade. This song, which is the opposite with More than Words, is filled with happiness. It really give balance with More than Words.

Overall, I really recommend this single to you, especially for Kanno Yoko's single

I will add the download later (My internet connection is not very good right now). But if you really want to listen it, you can download it in one of a-God-like website.

Enough for now. I must get to work again. Jyaa nee... :D

Friday, 27 January 2012

Black Butterfly


Finally, I posted something in here... =w=

It's been a long time since i posted my last post...

Btw, i'm in holiday right now. Although I said i'm in holiday, but that doesn't mean I can enjoy my holiday. No!

It's too boring because I can't go anywhere... TT___TT"

Ah... stop with "curcol" things...

About 2-3 days ago, I saw something that I never saw before in my mom's garden...

It's.... Black Butterfly!

Maybe it's not really uncommon (maybe), but still, I never saw it before, and it's really made me happy to see this one. It reminded me about Yuuko from xxxHolic.

Ah, that's all...

Sorry for not-so-important, but I can write anything at my own blog right?


Monday, 1 August 2011

Break Blade ED 2

Hello minna, I'm falling in love with Break Blade's new ending (final ending), 叹きの音, which is sung by KOKIA.

English Translation:

A lone flower sprung from the earth, silently watched war unfold.
It grieves in silences, asking
"why must they sacrifice others to protect what they hold dear?"
"And what are they fighting for?"

Let us believe that the future holds hope yet,
that there is a deeper meaning in the trials
that we've faced to protect those we love.

If only we could be like this forever,
my beloved says and laughs.
Everybody longs for these peaceful days,
yet my heart still grieves.

I can almost hear their hearts breaking
as people lost all that was dear to them.
And I wonder if I don't deserve the same.

Let us believe that the future holds hope yet,
that there is a deeper meaning in the trials
that we've faced to protect those we love.

The music is very epic, with orchestra music that really awesome. Lyric of this song is very describing Break Blade.
KOKIA is amazing. XD