Monday, 1 August 2011

Break Blade ED 2

Hello minna, I'm falling in love with Break Blade's new ending (final ending), 叹きの音, which is sung by KOKIA.

English Translation:

A lone flower sprung from the earth, silently watched war unfold.
It grieves in silences, asking
"why must they sacrifice others to protect what they hold dear?"
"And what are they fighting for?"

Let us believe that the future holds hope yet,
that there is a deeper meaning in the trials
that we've faced to protect those we love.

If only we could be like this forever,
my beloved says and laughs.
Everybody longs for these peaceful days,
yet my heart still grieves.

I can almost hear their hearts breaking
as people lost all that was dear to them.
And I wonder if I don't deserve the same.

Let us believe that the future holds hope yet,
that there is a deeper meaning in the trials
that we've faced to protect those we love.

The music is very epic, with orchestra music that really awesome. Lyric of this song is very describing Break Blade.
KOKIA is amazing. XD

Friday, 29 July 2011

Natsume Yuujinchou Manga released in Indonesia!

Ohayou minna!

I am very happy right now! Natsume Yuujinchou Manga released in Indonesia! Yey! XD

At first, I really didn't know Natsume would be released in Indonesia. But yesterday, when I went to a bookstore (to buy One Piece), I surprised there was a Natsume manga in new comic corner. Without think twice, I bought it (and I didn't buy One Piece =w=")! XD

I will collect Natsume's manga from now! XD

Oh yeah, just a random think, Mizuki Nana's new single, Junketsu Paradox, already leaked. Now, I keep repeating Junketsu Paradox! It's great song.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Anbu mask (Random post like always)

I forgot to post this. . .

I really think it's not like an ordinary anbu, it's Grandma Anbu!

 *really random post =w="

My Song

Hello minna!

I will cover song at an event in my campus! XD

I will sing "My Song". The song is originally sung by Girls Dead Monster from Angel Beasts (anime).
Lyric of My Song is very touchable & sad. Because of this song, I am curious with Angel Beasts (I don't watch it, =w=;).

I practiced with my friends in afternoon today. The photo was taken in studio. I am so excited!

Wish me luck minna! XD

Saturday, 23 July 2011


Hello minna!

I really enjoy new ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D's song right now, IN MY WORLD. It is new opening song of Ao no Exorcist.

This song is very fit with Ao no Exorcist's atmosphere. The lyric is very touchable, build-up my spirit. The music is amazing, epic.

It is still in TV version. The single will be released in August 24, 2011. Can't wait! XD

Here is the lyric:


Dark side in my heart is
It's alright 心にもない
Blastar放ち 手を伸ばした

避けて通れない道わ いつからこんあだった

やりきりなくてcry for pride
ah, ah, ah, alone in my world
歪んだ現実 曲がって願い
good bye precious life

傷だらけになって try for pride
ah, ah, ah, alone in my world
歪んだ世界 届かず願い
It's my precious life

Dark cloud in my heart is
let's fight 恐れわない
諸刃の剣 振りかざした


Nuguisarenai kako no kanashimi
IT'S ALRIGHT kokoro ni mo nai
BLASTAR hanachi te wo nobashita

Sakete toorenai michi wa itsu kara ka konna datta
Soshite daremo inakunatta...

Unmei nante kuso kurae
Yarikirenakute CRY FOR PRIDE

Hibiku ai no uta
Yuganda sekai magatte negai
Kuzuresatte iku risou to ashita
Haite suteru hodo ni taikutsu datta
Good bye precious life

Unmei nante nurikaete
Kizu darake ni natte TRY FOR PRIDE

Soredemo ai wo utau
Hizunda sekai todokazu negai
Kizuki ageteku kizuna to ashita
Haite sutete mo kekkyoku taisetsu nanda
It's my precious life

Harewatari michi ni hikari wa sashita
LET'S FIGHT osore wa nai
Moroha no tsurugi furikazashita


Dark side in my heart is 
the uneraseable sadness of the past.
It's alright if I don't really mean it, 

so I fire my blasters and stretch out my hands.

Since when has my way been unavoidable like this?
And now there's no one left...

Fuck this destiny, 

I cry for my pride, I can't bear it.
Ah, ah, ah, alone in my world.
An Aria of love resounding through, 

this distorted reality of twisted prayers.
My dreams and tomorrow are collapsing, 

because throwing away lies would be boring.
Goodbye precious life.

Go and repaint this destiny, 

try it for your pride, covered in wounds.
Ah, ah, ah, alone in my world.
Even so, I sing the song of love 

and let its wish reach through this distorted world
to build our bonds and the tomorrow to come.
Throwing away the lies was important after all, 

because this is my precious life.

Dark cloud in my heart is 

disappearing and light is shining on the road I'm on.
Let's fight, there's no fear.
I brandished my two-edged sword.

Kanji, romaji: Gendou 
English Translation: Youtube

Sunday, 10 July 2011


*Just random post

Hello minna! XD

Yesterday I ate okonomiyaki with my nephews!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Fuji is really a psycho...

Yo minna, just want to post something really random.

I've just watched Prince of Tennis episode 39 awhile ago, and I found something funny (also scary).

In that episode, Seigaku is (again) having a running practice to prepare their match versus Yamabuki. They must run a lap under 55 secon, or they must drink Inui's famous drink, Penalty Tea. So, their run as fast as they can to avoid drinking that killer drink.

There is a conversation that make me laugh a lot (but also scare)...

Here it is:

Momoshiro (Momo): Fuji-senpai, you like that drink right?
Fuji: Penalty Tea? Yeah, I like that.
Momo: Then, why are you run so hard?
Fuji: I like to see people suffer more.

WHAT THE!?!?!?!
He is really a psycho....

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Sharing Great Videos

Konbanwa minna!

I want to share great videos I've been found today!


FictionJunction new song! XD

It's great! With Wakana in the beginning (Yuriko in Kajiura-go chorus like always), and followed by Kaori. Kind of epic! XD Cannot wait full version!



I really love how the woman plays the piano! Really heartful! XD

That's all~

Sorry for not-so-important post~

But seriously, I really enjoy those videos!


Hello minna,

ohisashiburi desu nee~

It's been a long time since I wrote the last post. Gomen nee. I've been busy with college and bla3x. (Stupid assignment *be bricked*)

So, now, I will try to post new things. Wish me luck okay? Just hope I am not too lazy to post. *be bricked again*

Before I post anything related to music, anime, manga, or else, I want to post about my experince in an un-planning (Am I right use that word) hiking (I can write everything in my blog right?).

So, yesterday, after (finally) have a break from college, I went to a mountain close to my city with my friends. At first we only want to see the one of the craters (??? Am I right?) of that mountain. It's not really hard to go there, there is an asphalt road to the crater, so you can go to there with vehicle (we used motorcycle).

We reached the crater. It's beautiful and scary (I imagined what will happen if I fall into it). When we saw from the side, one of my friends said, "Hey, let's go to that place". The place is higher than our place and the road to that place is almost none. I mean that to go to that place my friend want is really rockly, like cliff, and there is no other road to go there except that road. But we saw people in there, so we think we can reach the place.Then, we went to that place.

With much (not much, but still it's tired for me (who is really clumsy and easy to fall, even in flat road)) effort, we reached that place. We took pictures in there.

My friends and me.
After rest a while, my friend saw a sign that said "There is a stall in up there". We decided to go there.

The road to that stall is... very natural. I don't how the road can be there, but I am sure it's not made by people. It's really like jungle, with many uphill natural road. When I walked, I was little afraid, what if we choose wrong way (We didn't bring GPS or something like that, and there is no signal in there). But finally we reached the stall.

We rested a while in that stall, talked with stall keeper, bought a couple of water bottle. The stall keeper told us that there is a road to surround the carter, and we can see another carter beside the first carter. So, we decided to follow that road.

The road is more harder that the road to reach the stall. It's more steep, narrow and slick. With carefully and slow, we finally reached one of the highest peak. We rested a bit and took pictures.

The carter
My friends & me in that peak.
We continued the hiking (=w=). We surprised when saw the next road. We must climb down the cliff. It still have many roads, but we must choose the safest way. So with carefully we climb down the cliff.

One of my friend. That's road we must take.
 With much effort, we finally reached a point that have no hard road (only rockly road but flat). We walked, walked, walked, and reached the start point.

So that's the story.


 Sorry if it's not good ending, I startly feel "lazy-to-type-again".

*be bricked again*

See you soon~


Monday, 14 February 2011

Watching Prince of Tennis again!

Hello minna!


I'm watching Tennis no Oujisama a.k.a. Prince of Tennis again!

This anime is one of my "most favorite anime all-the-time!"!

Echizen Ryoma in Opening Fifth...

Now, I am watching episode 124, Fuji Shusuke vs Akaya Kirihara.

Fuji Shusuke! XDDDD *nosebleed*
He is Fuji Shusuke! My favorite character in Prince of Tennis!

'kay, I'm gonna watch again!

See you later!!

Love you all, Tsukishiro.

PS: Sorry for a "not-so-important post"! But Hey! This is my blog! I can post anything right? *be bricked*

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Kalafina - Magia (LIVE & PV)

Just found this video in youtube...

and this


Magia full version!
It's amazing!
I really love this song! I don't care that many people don't like the violin's melody in the beginning, I think it's cool, give me creepy aura about this song!
It's amazing!



Thursday, 13 January 2011

FictionJunction new songs

Hello minna~!!!

Great news!

Finally we can listen new song from FictionJunction!

They will cover Robot's song!

Album Title: HARVEST
Release Date: February 23, 2011
Line-up artist: FictionJunction, Nanri Yuuka (Yuuka too! XD), PERSONZ, Yonekura Chihiro, TOPGUN, Nakano Aiko, Tamura Naomi etc.


FictionJunction will cover Gather way!

What will that song be....


That's all...

Jaa nee~


Tuesday, 11 January 2011

A late News

Hello minna~

I want to post a kinda late news...


Finally Kajiura Yuki announced that her solo album will release at March 30, 2011!!!

It's kinda sequel(???) from her first solo album, FICTION...

The title of this album is FICTION II, will contain songs from

  •  Xenosaga
  • El Cazador de la Burja
  • Pandora Hearts
  • 5 new songs
  • and 1 Unreleased Track
The album will contain 13 songs!

(Really hope Please Call My Name!)

Also, Kalafina's new single!


Release Date: February 16, 2011

Track List:

Regular & Limited Edition
  1. Magia
  2. snow falling
  3. Magia (Instrumental)
 Anime Edition

  1. Magia
  2. Magia (Magic Mix)
  3. Magia (TV-Version)
  4. Magia (Instrumental)
Limited Edition DVD
  1. Magia PV
Magia is ending theme of new anime, Madoka Magica.

(It's weird, right? To see Kalafina sing a Mahou Shojo's song. But, you must listen the song. It's awesome!)

Here is the first time Magia appear in the anime...


Sorry for late news~

Yoroshiku nee~


Sunday, 9 January 2011

Japan's singer(s) that really impressed me in 2010


It's been a long time since I posted in here...

Hontou ni gomennasai...



In the beginning of 2011, I'm going to write review about Japan's singer that really impressed me in 2010!

Deng... Deng... DENG....!!!!!


They are still impressed me, although not as impressed as their works in 2008 & 2009!
But still, I love their album Red Moon (XD Red Moon!!!!) & Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa!
Their voices are really beautiful. And their vocal are awesome too!
I hope you all do more great job in 2011! XD



Awh~ My love *be bricked* 
She opened 2010 with her awesome concert, BIG WAVE! XD
It's really amazing concert! Her performance is never make tired to watch it~!
Soshite, her single Shinjitemiru is amazing! Her vocal is awesome! She can sing it well! Great Job May'n!
Also, her song in album Cosmic Cuune is amazing too. Riibe ~ Maboroshi no Hikari. It's really deep, she sang it with emotionally, so the listener can get the feeling when listening it. XD
I'm looking forward for your awesome works in 2011 May'n! XD



Aoi Haru!
I love their songs! I'm in love with them since I listened Shangri-La. I interest with them again because I listened Aoi Haru & Hikari, Sagase Naku Tomo. Since then I downloaded almost all their single & album!
Atsuko's vocal is amazing. Strong & deep. And Katsu is brilliant composer! XD
I'm looking forward for your another great songs in 2011!


Shimomura Yoko!

Err..... Actually she is not singer. She is a composer, A GREAT COMPOSER. In 2010, she surely did a great works! Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Last Ranker & Xenoblade! She did an awesome works in those soundtrack! XD
Looking forward your next soundtracks, Shimomura-sensei!



They surely did a great job in 2010. Their LIVES! XD
In album "FictionJunction 2008 - 2010 The Best of Yuki Kajiura LIVE", you can listen their great & awesome vocals. Cynical World, Image Theme of Xenosaga II, Materialise, I Reach for the Sun, etc!
Also their single, Toki no Mukou Maboroshi no Sora is great too! XD
I'm looking forward for your great live!
And Kajiura Yuki! XD
Although her works in soundtrack a bit down (a bit! A BIT!), she did an awesome job in her latest album, The Works for Soundtrack! Her works in Satoyama is... XD *speechless*. It's very beautiful!
Make more soundtrack Kajiura-sensei! XD


Mizuki Nana!

Her songs in 2010! XD
Phantom Minds & Silent Bible are very awesome! Love both songs!
Also her album, IMPACT EXCITER is very awesome!
Nana-sama, pls sing more awesome songs!

Okay, I think that's all (for now, I will write again if Im in mood :p).

Happy 2011!

Jaa nee~