Sunday, 19 June 2011

Fuji is really a psycho...

Yo minna, just want to post something really random.

I've just watched Prince of Tennis episode 39 awhile ago, and I found something funny (also scary).

In that episode, Seigaku is (again) having a running practice to prepare their match versus Yamabuki. They must run a lap under 55 secon, or they must drink Inui's famous drink, Penalty Tea. So, their run as fast as they can to avoid drinking that killer drink.

There is a conversation that make me laugh a lot (but also scare)...

Here it is:

Momoshiro (Momo): Fuji-senpai, you like that drink right?
Fuji: Penalty Tea? Yeah, I like that.
Momo: Then, why are you run so hard?
Fuji: I like to see people suffer more.

WHAT THE!?!?!?!
He is really a psycho....

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