Thursday, 30 September 2010

LAST RANKER Limited Soundtrak - Piano Trio Arrange -

I'm falling in love with Shimomura Yoko's music now!
So, this is another LAST RANKER's soundtrack!!!

Track List:

01 Main Theme of "LAST RANKER" 4:47
02 Wanderers, Look Up at the Sky 3:47
03 Ghandoar, a Gorgeous Capital 3:24
04 The Bloom of Passion 4:27
05 The Flower Blooms on That Shore 4:20

This soundtrack is arranged just by piano, violin & cello (). This album is an early purchase bonus for both regular and limited editions of the game.(I've goosebumps when listened Main Theme of LAST RANKER this album version)...

You can download in here.


Credit: Thanks to Uploader...


Hello everyone!!!


It's been a while since I posted the last post, right? I've been busy on college... =,= But now, I have a little free time (=w=; Yup, just a little), so I'll post a soundtrack that I've download a while ago.

So, here it is....

The LAST RANKER Original Soundtrack

This OST is composed by Shimomura Yoko (One of my favorite composer! XD). And I can say "WOW" to this OST. I suggest you to listen this soundtrack, although you are not playing the games (I don't play too -w-). This OST is cool, with many epic song ().

Track List:

Disc One:
01. Main Theme of LAST RANKER ( 5:36)
02. Wanderers, Look Up at the Sky ( 3:26)
03. Ghandoar, a Gorgeous Capital ( 2:37)
04. During the Oath ( 1:50)
05. A Breeze Blowing Towards Tomorrow ( 3:38)
06. Stand on the Earth ( 2:30)
07. What Awaits in the Deep Forest ( 2:39)
08. Beyond This World of Woe ( 3:10)
09. Born to Survive ( 3:07)
10. Feudal Organizatoin Bazalta ( 2:23)
11. An Incertain Destination ( 2:19)
12. What Draws Near ( 2:16)
13. The Evinos ( 3:34)
14. A Round Table ( 2:28)
15. The Town with an Exotic Fragrance ( 3:42)
16. The Flower Blooms on That Shore ( 2:57)
17. La Valse Noire ( 2:47)
18. The Bloom of Passion ( 4:26)
19. Sleeping in Deep Sorrow ( 2:02)
20. Only One Goes ( 2:40)
21. This Journey without End ( 4:07)
22. Glorious Fights We Call Life ( 3:55)

Disc 2

01. Before a Powerful Radiance ( 3:44)
02. Mystery and Secret ( 2:11)
03. Battle on the Resonal Coast ( 1:09)
04. A Knot of Wind ( 3:40)
05. Ice and Darkness ( 3:28)
06. Distant Sea ( 4:28)
07. Furnace of War ( 2:33)
08. On That Distant Old Land ( 4:16)
09. Crudelis et Magnificus ( 3:21)
10. Fatum Foedus ( 0:33)
11. The Tower Marked with History ( 3:19)
12. Be the LAST RANKER -Battle Ver.- ( 5:00)
13. A Transmitted Truth ( 3:05)
14. Crudelis et Magnificus ( 5:33)
15. Infinite Spiral ( 4:46)
16. A Path Carved with Glorious Fights ( 4:19)
17. During the Training ( 1:28)
18. Invitation to The World of LAST RANKER ( 1:37)
19. Be the LAST RANKER ( 3:18)

Download Here.



Credit: Thanks to Uploader...

Saturday, 18 September 2010

My cover....

Hello minna!

Last night, I covered a song, Calling. This song is originally sung by Kaori Oda.

So, what do you think?

Thursday, 16 September 2010

It's too sad.

Hai everyone, I want to tell you something.

Finally, I can play Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. I am still in Ven's story. It's so sad when he said "just put an end on me" to Terra & Aqua. OMG! I cried in that part! Hikz... I can't understand, why Master Xehanort do that... Hikz... I mean, why he can't just let three of them live peacefully. It's so sad to see three friends that really close be apart just because a greedy-stupid (not stupid actually, genius, but I don't want to say it to him, euw... too cool) old-man.

Wait... If the old man didn't do that, there will be no Kingdom Hearts's story!

But still, It's so sad (too sad) to see them be apart. I hope, in Kingdom Hearts 3 (or whatever the name is), three of them will be together again. Just like Aqua say,

"The three of us will always be one."

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni Wa Released

Hahaha, finally, It's released today!

I love Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa's intrumental! *nosebleed*
I don't really like Adore, but still, I love the chorus (WoW Wakana, you are so amazing!!!)
You can download it now...

Track List:
  1. Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa
  2. Adore
  3. Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa ~ Instrumental


(Thanks to Zurra-san in canta-per-me *bows*)

Saturday, 11 September 2010

New Famitsu Scans

This is new picture from Famitsu (thanks to Golden Sun Realm)

And here is the tranlate (Thanks again to Golden Sun Realm!!! XD)

So, now we now Tyrell is Garret's son officially......

Another new picture, this is from V-Jump! (thanks again to Golden Sun Realm!!! XD)

Is that Isa... I mean Matthew's house (Up-left)? WoW It's good... I like the stair....
You can see the party vs a djinn in up-right! They (Djinni) are really cute! XD
Someone.... Please translate this picture!!!!

Oh yeah...
I got these this morning, these are from Golden Sun Wikia (Thanks XD)!!!

You can see these place in the trailer!

Monday, 6 September 2010

3 new scans....

Hahahaha, just found this picture in goldensunrealms....

Finally, we can see Crown full face. Actually, I am still confused with Crown's gender. =w=; He or she?
He looks cute right? It reminds me Harry Potter (Big Round Glasses). It looks like he's still young, maybe younger than the others (-w-). He is described as a very knowledgeable researcher traveling with a mentor that is a scholar on alchemy (like Kraden?). Oh yeah, He (or she?) is a mercury adept! XD

Another image...

You can see this in amazon, I dunno if it's official or not, but amazon use this.


Last picture....


I love Matthew~!!!


You can see that Djinny are more varied (where is Flint?)! XD It's really cute!

Thursday, 2 September 2010


Just saw the news!!!

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn will be released in November 29, 2010!!!!!!!!!!!