Thursday, 16 September 2010

It's too sad.

Hai everyone, I want to tell you something.

Finally, I can play Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. I am still in Ven's story. It's so sad when he said "just put an end on me" to Terra & Aqua. OMG! I cried in that part! Hikz... I can't understand, why Master Xehanort do that... Hikz... I mean, why he can't just let three of them live peacefully. It's so sad to see three friends that really close be apart just because a greedy-stupid (not stupid actually, genius, but I don't want to say it to him, euw... too cool) old-man.

Wait... If the old man didn't do that, there will be no Kingdom Hearts's story!

But still, It's so sad (too sad) to see them be apart. I hope, in Kingdom Hearts 3 (or whatever the name is), three of them will be together again. Just like Aqua say,

"The three of us will always be one."

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