Saturday, 11 September 2010

New Famitsu Scans

This is new picture from Famitsu (thanks to Golden Sun Realm)

And here is the tranlate (Thanks again to Golden Sun Realm!!! XD)

So, now we now Tyrell is Garret's son officially......

Another new picture, this is from V-Jump! (thanks again to Golden Sun Realm!!! XD)

Is that Isa... I mean Matthew's house (Up-left)? WoW It's good... I like the stair....
You can see the party vs a djinn in up-right! They (Djinni) are really cute! XD
Someone.... Please translate this picture!!!!

Oh yeah...
I got these this morning, these are from Golden Sun Wikia (Thanks XD)!!!

You can see these place in the trailer!

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