Sunday, 9 January 2011

Japan's singer(s) that really impressed me in 2010


It's been a long time since I posted in here...

Hontou ni gomennasai...



In the beginning of 2011, I'm going to write review about Japan's singer that really impressed me in 2010!

Deng... Deng... DENG....!!!!!


They are still impressed me, although not as impressed as their works in 2008 & 2009!
But still, I love their album Red Moon (XD Red Moon!!!!) & Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa!
Their voices are really beautiful. And their vocal are awesome too!
I hope you all do more great job in 2011! XD



Awh~ My love *be bricked* 
She opened 2010 with her awesome concert, BIG WAVE! XD
It's really amazing concert! Her performance is never make tired to watch it~!
Soshite, her single Shinjitemiru is amazing! Her vocal is awesome! She can sing it well! Great Job May'n!
Also, her song in album Cosmic Cuune is amazing too. Riibe ~ Maboroshi no Hikari. It's really deep, she sang it with emotionally, so the listener can get the feeling when listening it. XD
I'm looking forward for your awesome works in 2011 May'n! XD



Aoi Haru!
I love their songs! I'm in love with them since I listened Shangri-La. I interest with them again because I listened Aoi Haru & Hikari, Sagase Naku Tomo. Since then I downloaded almost all their single & album!
Atsuko's vocal is amazing. Strong & deep. And Katsu is brilliant composer! XD
I'm looking forward for your another great songs in 2011!


Shimomura Yoko!

Err..... Actually she is not singer. She is a composer, A GREAT COMPOSER. In 2010, she surely did a great works! Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Last Ranker & Xenoblade! She did an awesome works in those soundtrack! XD
Looking forward your next soundtracks, Shimomura-sensei!



They surely did a great job in 2010. Their LIVES! XD
In album "FictionJunction 2008 - 2010 The Best of Yuki Kajiura LIVE", you can listen their great & awesome vocals. Cynical World, Image Theme of Xenosaga II, Materialise, I Reach for the Sun, etc!
Also their single, Toki no Mukou Maboroshi no Sora is great too! XD
I'm looking forward for your great live!
And Kajiura Yuki! XD
Although her works in soundtrack a bit down (a bit! A BIT!), she did an awesome job in her latest album, The Works for Soundtrack! Her works in Satoyama is... XD *speechless*. It's very beautiful!
Make more soundtrack Kajiura-sensei! XD


Mizuki Nana!

Her songs in 2010! XD
Phantom Minds & Silent Bible are very awesome! Love both songs!
Also her album, IMPACT EXCITER is very awesome!
Nana-sama, pls sing more awesome songs!

Okay, I think that's all (for now, I will write again if Im in mood :p).

Happy 2011!

Jaa nee~


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