Sunday, 22 August 2010


Morning minna!!!

Last night I dreamed a weird dream!

I dreamed I met Shiwon & Donghae!!!


First, I met Shiwon and talked to him with English (WoW, his English is very good!). We chatted. When we chatted, we saw Donghae and I asked him to introduce me to Donghae! XD, so, he introduced me and I talked to Donghae!!!! XD

WHAT THE!!!!!!!

Definitely one of the best dream I ever had....

Oh yeah, btw, I got a flower from my senior in ESQ...


It's beautiful, is it?

I attended ESQ from Friday till Saturday (yesterday)...

It's very motivated us, remember us who actually we are, who is your God, what should you do in your life, I suggest you all trying to attend ESQ. It's very good to improve your motivation in your life...


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